The Klepp dust separators create ideal solutions for a continual and optimum extraction and filtration of harmful substances.


Klepp dust extractors guarantee:

  • easy integration in the workplace
  • flexible application possibilities for almost every application


Via an individual pipe system especially designed for your application in question, the extracted harmful substances are returned to the central filter device. The control panel with full text display and membrane keyboard provides higher user friendliness. A visual signal as well as text messages advise when problems occur or when maintenance is necessary. Furthermore, there is an operating hour counter, speed governor and filter status display.


The Klepp KSF ecoline offers the advantages of the Klepp dust extractor combined with a low purchase price and minimal adjustments. The contaminated air is gathered using practical collection elements (e.g. welding exhaust tubes as of NW75) directly at the point of origin. Handling of the KPF ecoline filter system is easy. An indicator light on the control panel shows whether the device is working properly. An acoustic signal indicates whether action or maintenance is required.


completely automatic, independent cleaning of


  • vertical filter cartridges guaranteeing better cleaning of the cartridges
  • Quiet cleaning via rotor nozzle, no shot blasting!
  • The cartridges to be cleaned are automatically closed with a cover during operation
  • The deflector plate disperses the air flow and prevents damage to the filter cartridges
  • Quiet operation due to double soundproofing in the motor section , cleaning section and air outlet acoustic box
  • Safety due to tested compressor, approved according to EC 87/404 EEC
  • System tested according to DIN VDE 0701/0702 and BGV A 3, filter surface load according to VDI 3677
  • Documented functional and completeness check
  • Low operating costs

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