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MEBARON EC – Mechanical Air Filter System

For Extraction/Filtration of Oil and Emulsion Mist

Our mechanical compact filter series MEBARON EC comes to use on machines with small to very large tool machining working areas and filters oil and emulsion mist reliably. Here we offer two four sizes, 300 m³, 600 m³, 1250³ and 2500m³ air performance.


The integrated air expansion chamber and the three phase pre-filter package with its special design and innovative 3 phase pre-filtration package allows for optimal pre-separation of particles and at this stage excellent filtration efficiency already takes place.
The main filter can be adapted to the application in question and separation efficiencies of up to 99,95% can be achieved (HEPA-Filter). This optimum pre-filtration allows for long service intervals and protects the main filter.

MEBARON 300 1250
  • Mechanical filter device with guaranteed separation efficiencies especially developed for applications with oil mist
  • Very compact dimensions
  • At the moment available as MEBARON 300 EC and MEBARON 600 EC, MEBARON 1250 EC and MEBARON 2500 EC
  • Filtration efficiencies of up to 99,95%
  • Highest energy efficiency via electronically regulated EC Fans
  • Air volume performance adjustable
  • Filter media in the pre-filter package can be completely incinerated
  • Due to a wide range of construction and assembly equipment
  • as well as a broad range of technical options, MEBARON EC can be adapted to almost any application or construction situation.

We would be pleased to advise you of how MEBARON works at your premises.

Device Information
Device Information
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Our COBARONTEBARONELBARON RON 4 EC/5 EC and MEBARON ranges are equipped as standard with energy efficient and environmentally friendly EC driven fans from our technology partner ebm-papst.

  • Energy saving up to 60% in comparison to standard AC motors
  • Energy consumption values which significantly under cut legal requirements
  • Continuous air flow rate setting via speed regulator. Increased service intervals of the filter media due to adjustment of the suction power to the application in question
  • EC motor regulated fans only use as much electricity as is actually required, that means further energy savings due to speed regulation/ regulation of air output
  • Various control options (manually or via the machine control System)
  • Low noise level in comparison to devices with AC motors
  • Integrated soft start
  • Even less vibration during operation
  • Motor protection switch no longer necessary

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