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02.08.2017 - New! MEBARON 1250 EC and MEBARON 2500 EC
Mebaron 1250 2500

MEBARON 1250 EC / MEBARON 2500 EC Mechanical air filter system for large to very large tool working areas as well as for stand alone solutions.
The mechanical filter series MEBARON EC filters both oil mist and emulsion very effectively.


Building on the long term experiences of the MEBARON300 EC and MEBARON 600 EC devices, we have developed the MEBARON series further. The mechanical air filter MEBARON 1250 EC and MEBARON 2500 EC are convincing due to their user comfort and very long service intervals. The devices are suitable for machines with large tool working areas or for stand alone solutions.


User advantages

  • Long service intervals
  • Designed for filtering oil mist
  • Separation efficiencies of up to 99,95%
  • Highest efficiencies due to EC regulated fan
  • Air volume controllable
  • Filter media can be easily taken out and are very easy to replace
20.06.2017 - ISI Service GmbH

With immediate effect we are now offering an ISI all-round service for your filter devices!


This service includes assembly, installation, maintenance ,cleaning ,repairs as well as a spare parts service, all in renowned ISI quality.


Your advantages:

  • Professional installation via qualified ISI staff!
  • Increased service interval lengths via optimum cleaning & maintenance
  • The best of quality –use of ORIGINAL ISI spare parts
  • Expertise from one provider. Our procedures and services are coordinated so that ,you our customer, always get the best possible results
  • Minimal outlay. Let us do the work for you, thereby enjoying ISI’s all-round service


We would be pleased to inform you personally about our service options. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

14.12.2015 - Relaunch ISI Website

We are pleased to present yout with our new website. This is the second time in the last few years, that we have completely relaunched and positioned our website, in order to operate in a modern an up to date way.

The contents on the website have been made clearer and leaner. At the same time all the important information, that you need for a first overview of our filter devices, can be found quickly.

29.01.2015 - MEBARON 600 EC : A further development in our MEBARON EC Series

After the successful sales start of our new mechanical compact filter device MEBARON 300EC for processing in oil and emulsion mist we are now expanding the MEBARON EC range further.

The MEBARON 600 EC with net air volume of 600 m³/h is equipped with a highly efficient EC driven fan from our Technogy Partner ebm papst. A further step to EU directives which exist since 2013 have come into force at the beginning of 2015. MEBARON 600 EC lies with its energy consumption considerably under the required minimum values and allows for economical and efficient processing.

Apart from this, with a variety of equipment such as a speed governor or our newly developed electronic differential pressure gauge you can adapt the MEBARON 600 to your particular application and hence generate even further energy savings.

The MEBARON 600 EC just like the MEBARON 300 EC is made with our newly developed 3 stage pre-filter package and with this package excellent separation efficiencies are achieved. The main filter can be individually adapted to the application in question and separation efficiencies of up to 99,95% can be achieved.

21.01.2015 - Electronic Differential Pressure Controller for Air Volume Control

A new article which is based on our modern EC Technology and uses its possibilities in order to achieve significant added value for our mechanical filter devices. With the help of this equipment new application possibilities are opened up for the devices in question.
Clearly increased service life of the filter media Significantly increased operational reliability since the air flow rate can be adapted to the application in question and the machining cycle.
Completely new application possibilities

06.01.2015 - Relaunch of our Brochures

We are pleased to be now able to offer you here our brochures in an online download version. We have updated all our printed media and these are now presented in a modern uniform layout.

The new device brochures illustrate the operation and capabilities of each of the filter devices in our range.

Apart from this you will find in each brochure a detailed outline of the characteristics of our filter devices. Accompanied with the new positioning of the brochures we have updated the design of the device logos and have photographed of all our devices in their new look.

11.12.2014 - ISI Industrieprodukte GmbH is ebmpapst premium partner

We are pleased to have been nominated as official premium partner by our long term technology partner ebmpapst.

ebmpapst is the world leader in the production of fans and markets under the Green Tech brand the most energy efficient and economical fans on the market.

The future orientated technology and research activities of ebm papst have been awarded amongst others with the German Sustainability Prize. Almost all ISI filter devices are equipped with these energy saving fans and assure for economical and environmentally friendly processing.

Together with ebm papst we will also be working in the future to offer you customised and future orientated solutions for your production processes.

10.11.2014 - MEBARON 300 EC- The New Compact Mechanical Filter Device from ISI

Our compact mechanical filter device MEBARON 300 EC can be used on machines with small to middle sized machine tool working areas and separates oil and emulsion mist reliably.

MEBARON 300 EC comes with our newly developed 3 phase pre-filter package and achieves at this level already excellent separation efficiencies.

The main filter can be individually adapted to the process in question and separation efficiencies of up to 99,95% can be achieved.

The ideal pre-separation guarantees longer service intervals and protects the main filter. MEBARON 300 EC is equipped as standard with a highly efficient EC Motor from our Technology Partner ebmpapst.

03.11.2014 - We have updated and relaunched our device logos and come up with a new and modern design

Our aim was to develop a new, fresh and timeless design but at the same time retain the well known brand recognition of ISI filter devices.

Playing with colours and shapes has lead to a convincing result which will be in future seen on our devices, brochures and web site.

11.06.2014 - Sustainable manufacturing with EC Technolgy

With our newly developed EC controlled devices you can not only work sustainably but also save electricity. In doing so you can rely on our well known ISI quality.

Our devices COBARON, ELBARON RON 4EC, 5EC, TEBARON and MEBARON are equipped as standard with energy saving EC motors. The new EC driven fans allow sustainable manufacturing and lead to energy savings up to 60%. Apart from this EC motors have many other advantages and excellent product features.






16.11.2012 - Foundation of ISI Vertriebs GmbH
Isi Buchholz

For more than 40 years customers worldwide have been successfully using ISI air filter devices. We work with not only reputable automobile manufacturers but also with major companies from the mechanical engineering sector as well as the metal working and plastic industries.

In order to meet up to the constantly growing technical and administrative challenges of the market place, we have continuously increased our staffing levels over the last years and in 2011 built on to our office complex.

So that we can react more flexibly to the market and drive on our sales network further the ISI Vertriebs GmbH was founded on 1. October 2012. This is the sales company of ISI Industrieprodukte GmbH and sells in its name the ISI product range.

Through this grouping of the sales and marketing departments we want to build on our customer support and market presence, and are hence well equipped to react more flexibly in the future to challenges.

15.06.2012 - Relaunch ISI Website

We have developed a new concept for our web site completely updating it, presenting our customers with an overview of our company and constantly providing them with up to date information.

In future you will find on our homepage detailed product descriptions, animated explanations of the operation of our devices through to product innovations and technical information.

We want to make sure that you are informed about our new products and technical innovations and hence hope to give you an insight into our specialist field.

We look forward to helping you resolve in future your technical issues and look forward to working with you!

14.06.2012 - New electrostatic filter device ELBARON RON A 60 Duplex

Our compact electro filter device Elbaron Ron A 60 is one of our top sellers. The device was especially developed for small, compact processing machines (processing with oil).

Due to the compact processing areas of these machines , limited air volume capacity is required. The requirements of separation efficiencies and service intervals are equally high as in larger machines.

The Elbaron RON / A 60 fulfills all these requirements with a minimum of space.

The RON A 60 can for example be mounted free blowing onto the machine housing or can be extended with a suction box so that a hose connection can be achieved. Since today small machines ( jewelry industry / dental industry and precision engineering) also offer increased possibilities, huge efficiencies and significantly higher cutting performance , we have further developed our compact oil mist separator ELBARON RON/A60 .

The device is available from now on in a 2 cell Duplex version!

Similar to the rest of our Elbaron series the compact filter device Ron A/60 can be optimised in terms of separation efficiencies and service intervals. These device variations can now also be put to greater use.

14.06.2012 - Expansion of the Business
Isi Buchholz

In order to respond to increasing technical and administrative challenges of the market place, we have continuously been increasing our staffing levels and in 2011 we built on to our office complex.

ISI Industrieprodukte GmbH was founded in 1973 as a trading company with external products and has developed since then into one of the leading manufacturers of industry filters for the extraction of oil mist, emulsion mist, smoke and dust from tool making machines.

After the company moved its headquarters in 1991 to Buchholz/Mendt a second production hall was built in 2001 due to the constantly increasing order and production numbers.

Our attempt to do justice to growing technical and administrative challenges of the market, requires continuously growing numbers of staff. Due to this, in spring 2011 building work started on the extension of our office complex which was completed in the autumn of the same year.

The building expansion blends harmoniously into the overall picture of our company headquarters and allows for new possibilities for the future and equips us for future developments.

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