Welding Fume Extraction System

Klepp Welding Fume Extraction System

Only local extraction systems which are specifically matched to the requirements of welding, offer the possibility to directly collect large proportions of welding fumes without these fumes being substantially intermingled with the ambient air. This prevents the user from breathing in the harmful substances. The KLEPP welding smoke extractor systems present an ideal solution for a long term and optimum extraction and filtration of fumes.The pollutants are captured and fed into the filter unit via practical extraction arms and hoods.


The mechanical welding fume filters are available for mobile use, changing work places (KSF2100F) and for wall mounting for locally permanent work places (KSF2100W). Both versions can be retrofitted with a carbon filter for odours.

Klepp ecoline Schweißrauch-Absaugsysteme

The KLEPP ecoline welding smoke extraction system offers the possibility of capturing large amounts of welding fumes directly and immediately without the fumes substantially being mixed with the ambient air, all this at a favourable price. The pollutants are captured and fed into the filter unit via practical extraction arms and hoods. Handling of the KPF ecoline filter system is easy. A control light on the control panel shows whether the device is operating properly . An acoustic signal indicates whether action or maintenance is required.



  • Air volume adjustable
  • Simultaneous extraction of smoke, gas and particles possible
  • Baffle plate distributes the air flow and prevents the HEPA filter from becoming damaged
  • Continuous
    operation possible
  • High filter capacity
  • The whole filter area is used
  • Higher service intervals
  • Individually exchangeable filters
  • Quiet operating noise level
  • Device tested according to DIN VDE 0701/0702 and BGVA3
  • Documented functional and completeness check

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